Modular Knitting with Nicki of Being Knitterly 8th September

Modular Knitting with Nicki of Being Knitterly 8th September

Join knitwear designer Nicki Merrall at Hope & Elvis to learn modular knitting techniques. Modular knitting is a fun technique in which you knit one module (or shape) at a time. Having knitted the first module, you pick up stitches from the previous module, so that each piece is joined as it is knitted. Join Nicki to learn how to knit the simplest module: a mitred square. You’ll start by knitting a single mitred square in garter stitch, before learning how to pick up stitches and knit additional squares. Nicki will give you some helpful tips for choosing colours, as well as working in stripes. Then, you’ll experiment by knitting striped squares.

Workshop comprises:

  • A designer’s ‘show and tell’ using Nicki’s own designs, swatches and knitting books.
  • Tuition on knitting mitred squares, joining squares and working edging triangles.
  • Advice on planning projects using mitred squares.
  • Lunch and refreshments together with homemade cake in the afternoon.
  • An introduction to colour theory.
  • Time to experiment with mitred squares and stripes.

You will learn to:

  • Knit a mitred square in garter stitch.
  • Make additional mitred squares by picking up stitches.
  • Knit triangles to fill in gaps at the edges.
  • Plan a project using mitred squares.
  • Vary the basic mitred square using stripes.

You will leave with your knitted samples and instructions for the techniques covered, as well as plenty of ideas to try at home.

£60.00. MORE DETAILS & BOOKING @Nicki Merrell